Just think of love. That is not loved, he is supreme love. Volkan went to the table, close the book. He returned to the students: Friends, we need to rally the subject, you first need to give advice. A topic, if you want to understand more accurately any case fully, if you want to get at the essence of the topic you want to understand, that  Antalya for dating invite to look at the extremes. Yes, that's down to the extreme, you understand the essence of the event. Learn what it is to understand what it means to love. But in a state close to this disease. So I do not think I mentioned it is not affected in one 'Yeah, coach, make sure exactly what you were feeling me anlattı.'eg he lives in is not where you would be in the loony bin.

Therefore, do not wait for life to understand the ecstasy, the best we telling the most famous example in the history of our last lesson in this regard, let: You know, it falls over the desert Majnun. It has lost its mind, so 'mad' would be. They say; Majnun's side went to a few people and they said to Majnun, 'OK now, over the ordeal. His father was willing to Leyla'yl to get married. ' Majnun asks, 'Leyla Who's that?' The guys are surprised Antalya dating girls Is that who? Who will, for the sake of the person you fell in the desert! Men have talked, and finally they told us that they knew the eyes of Majnun Leyla her love, Leila larger than himself.

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This love, like nobody in the world can not afford anymore Leyla is a vital afford. To measure a while to understand that the classroom teacher was silent. One of the back row, mischievous words asked: What about the teacher, you said love is like hatred brother. How is he going? Volcano, laughed at the question. More precisely, the question to ask ... Because asking the question, an answer was already knows: You do not know the answer to the problem of the Zodiac? But anyway, I'm talking about him in a sentence or two. He wrote a sentence on the board. Provisions untreated love turns into hatred. He looked Class:  Antalya dating , lily of the valley ... No need to say anything more on that fact.

Suppose that 100 units of the size of our love, if you are angry with our love remains unrequited, love more than 100 units to 100 units turn into hatred. Then we ask ourselves: 'How is it that we can Resentment suddenly someone we love? I wonder if my hatred I feel? ' Yes, if you're feeling is hatred, the size is up to the size of your love. To do this hatred, Antalya dating girls you need to take to the event. Or vice versa…